What have you done to me? How is it possible to feel this much love, my heart tangibly expanding?

How is it that I’d wake up in the middle of the night for a month straight, and now I need a coffee after talking to you? How have you inspired me to no end, even to inherently love the place Vladimir Putin calls home?

I love you, more than words will ever dare interpret, and know themselves. It’s no wonder I’m running out of them. Too big to contain. The sheer light, extra spikes to my sun, calming feeling of forever, breezy state of mind, inspiring go-getter winking her disarming blue eyes at me. I feel like I did on March 19, when first listened to it. After a seeming lifetime in between, love is impossibly more intense and uncomplicated. It’s phenomenal, the compassion I learn from, the gift of your presence and getting to love your heart. Getting to love, your heart. Thank you life. It’s phenomenal, to feel like I sashay around heaven during every I love you and every beautiful thought I read—literally and otherwise. Songs are about you, movies about us.

Pure magic.

It seems like all the people that taught me love knew you, and prepared me for it. Now grinning super pleased and nodding calmly. This was what life is about, huh. Said from a place of whoa-ness, not presumption. Gratitude is like a new colleague I’ve clicked and choose to break for coffee with unapologetically often. It brings joy and meaning, makes the day exciting, even if not always sunny. Still choosing me. Still suffering when apart. Crystal clear.

And love is the engine. The koala in the sanctuary that wakes up in the middle of the night, after having done a little crack a teenager threw him, and he kept for later upon mistaking it for an oh-fuck-yes-be-mine sugar lump. He’ll make the fizzy sherbet powder face, but later look like the epitome of thrill. My koala does it up big very often. Waking all the other koalas, shaking the little ones too so they join the party. And leading a full-on koala flashmob to ‘We’re All in This Together’ as the sun rises, much to the carers’ absolute speechlessness, eventual enthusiasm, and loathed self-consciousness preventing them from joining a group of inspired wild animals in the zone. Indeed, after five months, carers will pay $90 to get a marvelled therapist to explain it to them.

So yeah, this koala has turned my world upside down for the better, translating itself into infinite joy, peace and happiness. She’s funny too, biracial, we keep it fresh, and ever exciting. Written in a middle moment. Isn’t that wonderful. With full awareness of my luck, puzzled as to what brought us together, and forever grateful for my co-piece. I love you more than love. Crystal clear.


‘Our Last Summer’ is playing and words literally jump out of me and onto the keys. Now I get it, when artists leave everything to write when a heartbreaking shot of inspiration unexpectedly winks.

What is joy to you? How do you share? Where, what, who does it come from?

For me, joy comes from love. From the sun. From the Mamma Mia! soundtrack. A heartfelt AFI speech. From Laura Dern’s thought process. I love life. Life loves me. This past month has been transfixing. Transformative. Mesmerizing. Or shall I say mesmerising? Life is funny, cute. Surprising. Awe-inspiring. Delicious. Picky on your behalf, and thank god.

Life is way simpler than most of us may make it. ‘I just want to be happy and have fun’ is a way to put it. Gratitude is a way to activate. Music, to savour it. Kissing, to stop it at our leisure. Life is a motherfucking gift. I could cry spontaneously if I elaborated. It brings best friends, love, adventure. I can’t wait to go to Greece.

Key people provide the best interactive masterclasses. I listen to Glorious now, and I’m humbled. By all the beauty. The laughter. Babies being born. Dogs. Why did whoever made dogs so cute? Ugh. I want to have rosé and pizza in the sun with my best friends. I want to discover how to unblock my life. Is teaching really my calling? Maybe not. I can’t WAIT to find out. I respect the universe. I trust timing. I enjoy everyday. I’ll make choices to ensure I ONLY do that. Life over money. Life over worries. Life over cheating on life.

What is the role of gratitude in your life? Is it something you practice daily? Actively? Does it practice you? Gratitude unblocks. Unveils. Makes going to Announcement Street a JOY. To read her texts a gift. To have that teacher a wonder. Friends are important. Lucked the fuck out. Keeper.

I love life. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow. Thank you for that. This is for you, abuelito. You knew how to do it right. A smile until the very last moment. You’re the source. I love you. I love you back. I’ll make it my goal to express gratitude towards those I don’t but should, more often. I’ll not judge. I’ll try. I’ll not resist. I’ll love out loud. Love. X


Do you believe in life after love? Asks goddess Cher.

Do you believe in love after love? Asks this PJ’d, white Shonda Rhimes wannabe.

It’s certainly hard and confusing to navigate a breakup. All fifty-seven shades of grey. Then bright orange when Cindy Lauper nails your power workout moment and you find the joy again for ten minutes. Desperating bright red when you break and open WhatsApp to scream ‘Joanna!’ while Liam Neeson looks on with low-key embarrassment. Green when your diamond of a best friend asks, and listens, again, and again. And greener when hers becomes your confidant. How does your experience compare?

For me, a new universe of beauty and possibility opened itself up on March 7, when I first met the most special and versatile child of actors. An ethnic Michael Jackson who altered the direction of my life forever. And thank Cher. Life got delicious, and that’s coming from a professional joy-er. Feet got bare all day, smile permanent, AFI ever in the background, vulnerability my vessel and love my new universal language.

Awareness and hope became our ‘word of the day’ (as in, you open WordReference’s email if you’re feeling fancy). Gratitude, however, our quinoa pizza crust: an everyday joy, the foundation of the most exquisite, healthy and forever-favorite thing in the fucking world. Our coolest gurus—Jodi, Ixi, Ami, Richi, Tri and Choprih—would all hang out in the living room, together yet separately, old friends yet complete strangers, surprised by having matched on Gumble and adoring each other while we waited for (secretly, gigglingly ate two of the) NYT brownies to cool.

You don’t realize it, but your lover starts becoming your inseparable bestest long ago if your soul knows who it is. Strangely, pandemic-perfect (goddamnit girl, really?) closing ceremonies aside, deep respect and trust, togetherness and friendship are cultivated all along when you identify that person you unknowingly duh-sire to do it with. You listen, your heart talks, you soul search to be your best version. And oh, the growth, the heart expansion, sheer joy, the growing humility. The fully aware luck. The life blessing of enjoying it hand in hand with a masterpiece you love almost as much as yourself. Have you, been one of the lucky ones?

However, the universe is not funny like that, but infinitely intelligent and never to be outsmarted. It has all of Mamma Mia’s soundtrack on queue, and when it gets to SOS, you are blindsided. How could it? If we were just mid-Our Last Summer? Does the Winner really Take It All? Or are you cruelly laughing at me? That’s when the words attachment, expectation and fear, which you’d almost bragged about not acting out of, all form the devastating black. Unbearable, unfair, undeserved, untimely, unbelievable, unprecedented, unannounced. Unimportant! When you surrender to the universe’s plan and activate hopeful trust. Not fucking easy, no. But unless accepted, the storm won’t slowly make way for a perfect waxy-yellowish white, and a blissful, new, stronger rainbow that gives you your smile back. If you’re lucky, a lot bigger. Granted, it comes and goes. But if I’ve learned something, it’s not to control, not to decide how weeks are going to feel. Just focus on enjoying today, your way, with you, and with yours.

My experience was produced by Tom and Rita, and sung along by unexpectedly coolest hang Christine M-F. Baranksi. But I’m well aware of the many different versions you all might have lived. A life seeing how love is not done (or made – thank God for summer playdates) has taught me how to do it. I wouldn’t dare share advice, but I’ll quote my sexy best friend: “Life, and relationships, are a bottle. Filled with delicious orange juice during the highs, and total, utter shit during the lows. You have to keep drinking.”

Today, after a roller coaster that you can only thank (C)her you got on, I can look forward. Back is nonsense considering what awaits. The rest of my life, infinitely richer and way more joyful because she’s in it. Not one, but two Dancing Queens. Twice as great. Co-parenting a group of human achievement and joy-see(k)ers. Watching the movie through drunk Uno group summer hangouts, humbling co-reading, loving writing and joy-making, actively being disciplined when it’s difficult, calling hopeful trust to take care of self-sabotage. Life’s beauty multiplies when shared, don’t you think? And so are happy sighs in hammocks. I owe you, universe.

As I close my dark-breakup-intended post with a love letter to life, love, Universal-distributed masterpieces, you, and the immense gratitude for all the shared tomorrows, I realize nothing worth keeping comes easy. I love you, bear. And I do. And I do.

Do you?


Love is the shit. The be all and end all of being a human, as I see it. And you? No wonder everybody wants a taste. Real one, though, is a whole other story.

Have you been one of the lucky ones?

Love is so inspiring. Refreshing. Delicious intimacy. A healthier snack choice. Love begins with an L. It shifts, mind-blowingly. You can swear it’s her today. And tomorrow, her.

Is love complicated? No. Circumstances are. And even then, clarity is there if you do your homework. Granted, it doesn’t abide by any rules. It flows freely and presents itself in and as a combination of many shapes: joy, affection, wholeness, contentment, care, safety, excitement, empathy, acceptance. Independence. Thrill.

As my best friend (from… #Brazil!) says, will never be mean, be someone who can afford to make you suffer, to sacrifice either something or yourself. Or worse, feel that you need to sacrifice. Nor will you ever need to ask either directly or your heart if it’s real. Because love, simply put, is FREE. It’s not love, otherwise. Fact.

Love wants the best for and with you, while hopefully rooted in a sense of individual self. I’d do with advice here. It is empowering, desires to see you grow, provides some % of a shared vehicle to enable you to, but will always be her own #1 first. Love is alive in togetherness. Compatibility and communication.

Love is, my personal favorite representation, in unknowingly flipping a switch every morning when you wake up, that gives you glasses to see the BEAUTY of life. The glasses you already have and are not glasses. It then makes you realize those glasses are your eyes. And how difficult it is to lose love and not see that beauty for a while, huh.

Love is selfless, brings out the best in yourself: in wanting to help, to stay for another drink when the atmosphere is completely Mamma Mia-like on a summer night, and otherwise. It’s warmth and radiated light. Sunny energy. Strength, an unshakeable foundation. Rigid, and yet beautifully moldable. Always rearing its head if you make it a lifestyle. Love is in (wanting to) make someone else a sandwich, running an extra mile. Running the extra mile. In goals. In flexibility, and self-compassion. Love is a lifestyle.

Is it yours?

It’s a renewed love for yourself, comforting and challenging, and almost, but many times just, as much for the other. Love is love. Is awe-inspiring! Is in spirituality and in pausing. In choosing yourself over money, or external ways of what must always be self-validation, at the end of the day.

Love seeks to understand the other and take a step back. It’s respect. It brings you two closer when you least expect it. What’s your experience?

Love is naughty. And loves to be. Thrilled but powerless, weal, surrendered. And thank GOD. Love, when well made, is tangible fucking magic. Funny how millions of people have their own and yet same version. Although I know my favourite writer.

Love can feel unfair. Because of the e-word: expectations. Beware! Had you learned this lesson yet? Surely way earlier than me. But something better is always around the corner, as we keep bettering ourselves. To give and receive, letting the lessons do their work all the while. Hope. Belief that nothing is permanent, and abundance is in us. “If you have a spark, you’ll always have a fire,” one of my faves ever, life-getter and Mamma Mia creator, Rita Wilson says.

Love is the most amazing teacher. It’s ‘GAHHHHH.’ It moves the world, according to my other best friend. Of course, takes place in English. Is family. Is in belly laughter and forgiveness. It’s life’s most thrilling shared DIY gift. And what life is all about.

What is love to you?


EOI C1 essay.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that the crisis around the Catalan question has always been a matter of heated debate throughoutdin the Spain’s history. There seems to be no need to doubt that it is one of the most relevant issues for the Government nowadays. This essay will be focused on explaining the essential reasons for this.

First of all, it is necessary that we be aware that the recent court ruling by the Supreme Court against the incidents that took place in 2017 has stirred the anger of quite a few Catalan citizens. In addition, the independenceindependent parties have required that accused the set free to the Catalan’spoliticians condemnedbe set free

Secondly, it goes without saying that we are witnesses of to a dramatic,violentcesituation around Catalonia, specifically in Barcelona. The initialspeaceful independence demonstrations,have ended up in/turned intoa fight between the Police againstand the radicals. Until this momentAs of now, the balance of this street war is close to 200 wounded and 18 people arrested.

Lastly, I would like to put forward,to finish with this issue, a real constitutional modification of the Spanish’s Constitution. This legislative technical could be able take place allow a possible referendum to take place. Complicated though this measure is, maintain for this conflict to continue is more dangerous. Not only for the Government and politicians, but also,undoubtedly,is forthe citizens.

Be it as it may, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that the Spanish’sConstitution is founded on the principle of the respect of the law. John .F. Kennedy said: “Oonce upon a time,that the citizens are free to disagree with the law,but not to disobey it. For in a Government of law, no man is entitled to defy a court of law.


A continuación puedes descargar los criterios de evaluación de writing y speaking de los tres exámenes de Cambridge:

Criterios oficiales de B2 (First):





Criterios oficiales de C1 (Advanced):





Criterios oficiales de C2 (Proficiency):






Preguntas frecuentes respecto al examen (esta lista se actualizará con nuevas preguntas que salgan en clase):

  • ¿Qué diferencia hay entre report y proposal? El report tiene como objetivo informar sobre un tema y hacer recomendaciones si se piden, y la proposal busca persuadir a quien lo lee para que tome una decisión respecto a algo. Ambos son formales y tienen encabezado. Se recomienda ordenar, dentro de cada encabezado, los argumentos con puntos (bullet points).
  • ¿Qué diferencia hay entre policy, politics y politician? Policy es una política de actuación; politics, la disciplina comunicativa y politician, la figura del profesional de dicho campo.
  • ¿En qué textos puedo poner contracciones (por ejemplo: don’t, aren’t)? En los informales. Es decir todos aquellos escritos a un destinatario familiar: letter to a friend, review y article de revista.