Through perseverance, the truth will reign supreme


White House’s James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

By Leah O’Connor

9:51 PM PST 02/24/17

Freedom of the press is one of most important rights that citizens of the United States of America hold. This goes for both the journalists in charge of collecting and presenting the truth to the public, and those who read their publications. As of late there seems to be a war on the press, coming directly from the president himself. It is almost as if our government is purposely trying to create a divide within the country, using people’s press preferences as a direct line of action. And it’s working.

The media is one of the main forms of communication when it comes to relaying the government’s policies to the masses. I receive notifications on my phone from the New York Times and NPR multiple times a day, keeping me updated to what is going on within the White House. And that is just the bare minimum of information I could receive. Without this media, I would be left in the dark to these decisions that could directly affect my life, or the lives of people with whom I feel empathy towards. As the government continues to try and suppress the voice of the media, it makes me fear for the future of free speech.

For the news outlets that do support Trump, the utilization of the phrase “alternative facts” has become a frequent occurrence. A bias when it comes to stations — such as Fox News — is to be expected, but I find it increasingly frightening to hear of blatant lies being sold as news. Kellyanne Conway is a prime culprit of doing just that, having made up a massacre (The Bowling Green Massacre), along with defending the use of “alternative facts.” Plain and simple, there is no such thing as an “alternative fact”, for the phrase itself is an oxymoron. Yet, this form of media is being praised by our government, while other publications, that in the past have been highly respected, are being disregarded as propaganda. I fear that this mentality could quickly spiral into areas of fascism if the direction does not change.


Kellyanne Conway, White House Senior Advisor and Trump’s former campaign manager

I cannot stand by and accept the concept of “ignorance is bliss” when it comes to the political climate of today. There is too much at stake to just ignore the problems. Over the past few years, I had slowly been making myself more conscious of what is going on around me, but upon entering college, and especially upon Trump’s election, I decided that I needed to become even more aware. I became more outspoken on social media platforms, and within my own personal life. I decided that I could not live my life passively.

‘Saturday Night Live’ has been one of the strongest forces when it comes to calling out the Trump administration for their BS. Since the election, the comedy show’s ratings have spiked to its highest level in six years, showing that there are at least some positives to the situation. Those positives are in terms of inspiration for the arts. With times of turmoil often comes great inspiration for artists, and in this case that inspiration comes across in the form of mockery on ‘SNL.’ By making fun of Trump and his administration, it personally makes me feel less alone in my feelings towards him.


(Next) Emmy winners Kate McKinnon as Conway and Alec Baldwin as Trump

No matter how hard the Trump Administration tries to discredit the media and censor opinions that differ from the Conservative agenda, it is important to remember that we cannot let ourselves be silenced by a country that was built on the idea of free speech. Staying informed is the only way to truly combat the war that Trump is trying to create. Our weapons are our minds and our media, and I believe that through perseverance, the truth will reign supreme.

All political views compiled in this essay come from a Democrat viewpoint and are unequivocally subjective.

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