·  Extensión en Cambridge: FCE 140-190 | CAE 220-260 | CPE 280-320

·  Registro: informal

·  Enfoque: personal

·  Truco: respetar el registro (informal, contracciones en todas las palabras donde se pueda)


Introduction: explicamos la intención del email y decimos lo que esperamos conseguir

– Saludo: Dear Richi,

– Motivo de la carta: It’s been ages since we last wrote to each other! I hope things are going great. Since you’re coming to LA, I thought I’d drop you a line to share some clothing and food tips that may come in handy to you. (Incluir todos los detalles que nos den del destinatario).

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

– Contesta las preguntas y pon ejemplos. Importante utilizar linkers para cada punto:

For starters, LA being the city of the sun, some shorts and shades are a must especially if you plan to visit at the end of the summer. Tanktops, flip-flops, a swimsuit and sandals will sure be used. It rarely rains, so I wouldn’t bring umbrellas or raincoats –– but check the weather first!

Secondly, as for food, LA is not the cheapest place to eat out so I recommend getting fruit, water and sandwiches every morning in Walgreens and packing them with you for the day. If you want to try a restaurant once or twice, though, there are lots of fabulous options: Mexican, Italian, Japanese… Nobu Malibu has the best sushi in California –– I swear you won’t want to try anything else! 

Conclusion: resumen del body y cerramos de forma amigable

– Resume brevemente el body y da tu opinión: Anyway, don’t let me run my mouth. Pack your best tanktops, shorts and sunglasses and although I’d try saving when it comes to food, treat yourself to a good dinner at least once! Call me when you get this, we are going to have a blast.

– Proporciona datos de contacto por si fuera necesario: If you need more info, hit me up or write anytime!

– Despedida: Take care / See you soon / love / (Kisses and) hugs / All the best / Best wishes,

– Tu nombre: Patri

Ejemplo al final de la entrada.


Para la introducción: “he pensado escribirte para…”

⭐️ It’s been ages since we last wrote to each other. I hope things are going great. Since you’re coming to LA, I thought I’d drop you a line: hace mil años que no nos escribimos. Espero que todo vaya genial. Ya que vienes a LA, se me ha ocurrido escribirte para…

And I said to myself: “go write her an e-mail!”. Y me he dicho: “escríbele un correo!”.

Para el body: preguntas retóricas

“For starters” en vez de “first of all” y “as for…” en vez de “secondly”.

⭐️ Sorry to hear your flight was cancelled –– what a bummer! Qué faena!

⭐️ I won two tickets to Hamilton –– can you believe it?

Treat yourself to a good massage in that spa –– I swear it’s worth the money!

Don’t miss Rockefeller Center in New York City –– you won’t want to leave the building.

Para la despedida: tono amigable y estamos aquí por si necesitan algo más

⭐️ Anyway, don’t let me run my mouth: bueno, no me enrollo más.

⭐️ If you need more info, hit me up or write anytime! ¡Llámame o escribe cuando quieras!

🎯  La diferencia entre el 9 y el 10: preguntas retóricas, elementos informales, “If I were you…”

📞  Si quieres más apuntes, contáctame.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 7.10.28 PM.png

CAE letter to a friend


🔢  Extensión: FCE 140-190, CAE 220-260, CPE 280-320

👥  Registro: formal

✏️  Enfoque: personal

✔️  Truco: expresión formal y gramática avanzada


Introduction: explicamos la intención de la carta y decimos lo que esperamos conseguir

– Saludo: Dear Mr. Hanks / Dear Madam President / Dear Sir or Madam / To whom it may concern,

– Motivo de la carta: I am writing to you to explain why, as far as I am concerned, my friend Diane Allen would excel in the part-time morning job working with children in the creche that you own (incluir todos los detalles que nos den del destinatario).

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

– Contesta las preguntas y pon ejemplos. Importantísimo utilizar linkers para cada punto:

Firstly, having known Diane for close to 18 years, her wishing to apply for such a vocational position does not surprise me in the slightest.

Secondly, as for her character traits, Diane is lively, patient, energetic and very humble. Nevertheless, what I am convinced best illustrates what would make Diane a superb candidate for this role is how fantastic a mother she is herself.

Lastly, what I would like to make known is the fact that she works harder than anyone and as such, deserves the position.

Conclusion: resumen del body y despedida formal

– Resume brevemente el body y da tu opinión: Hoping my letter has provided a comprehensive illustration of why Diane Allen would objectively make a stunning teacher at your prestigious creche, please receive my best regards.

– Proporciona datos de contacto por si fuera necesario: If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me on this same address.

– Despedida: Yours faithfully / Yours sincerely / Kind regards / Warmest regards,

–  Nombre y apellido: Patricia de Pastors

Ejemplos al final de la entrada.


Las mismas que el ensayo porque solo hay que explicar por qué algo no funciona en una ciudad, proponer solución a algo…


Proficiency recommendation letter


🔢  Extensión: FCE 140-190, CAE 220-260, CPE 240-280

👥  Registro: formal

✏️  Enfoque: semipersonal

💯  Truco: expresión formal y gramática potente


Introduction: captamos al lector y referenciamos las preguntas del enunciado

– Introduce el tema: it is a universally acknowledged fact that bilingual education has become a matter of national debate.

– Parafrasea lo que te preguntan: The present text will be focused on…

– Solo en Proficiency: indica si los textos que te dan se complementarios o se contrastan. Both passages argue that… / The first text states… Whereas the second clearly puts forward that…

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

– Contesta las preguntas con datos interesantes y ejemplos. Importantísimo utilizar linkers para cada punto: firstly, there is no denying that carpooling can help to save time, money and reduce pollution. Secondly, sanctioning factories that throw residuals to rivers or oceans is likely to be very effective. Lastly, I believe that putting limits to what tourists are allowed to do, like throwing barbecues in natural spaces, should be considered and implemented as soon as possible.

Nota: en CAE (Advanced) se desarrolla solo dos puntos (no hay ‘lastly’).

– Solo en Proficiency: resume ambos textos, aportando ideas y citando a los autores. The first passage asserts that… According to its author… Y lo mismo con el segundo texto.

Conclusion: nos posicionamos en el asunto, repetimos brevemente lo dicho y cerramos de forma positiva y entretenida

– Resume brevemente el body y da tu opinión: be it as it may, it goes without saying that pollution is a real, truly serious problem which can be tackled by carpooling, sanctioning factories and restrincting those tourists’ activities that see contact with nature.

Ejemplos al final de la entrada.


It is a universally acknowledged fact that… Some factors that can help tackle it are…

The trend towards (tema) has conspicuously increased in the past decade. This stems from…

Hardly a week goes by without another report of (tema) appearing in the media. This is attributed to…

Firslty, there is no denying that factors like __ and __ have conspicously aggravated…

Secondly, the situation has been exacerbated by..

Lastly, one measure I myself believe could help tackle the problem is…

Be it as it may, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that governments worldwide ought to look more closely at this serious issue and implement practical measures such as… Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but I truly believe it can be done.

All things considered, the prospect for the future will likely be bleak unless this challenge is met. To achieve this, I think that recycling, shopping more consciously and reusing plastic bags can really make a difference when it comes to preserving the planet.

Usa frases hechas muy avanzadas

⭐️ Were the government to sanction gun violence, the situation would most certainly improve.

Should more measures be introduced, the burden of responsibility would be alleviated.

As regards the most appropriate response to this situations, one suggestion I think would work well is…

It is exceedingly urgent that politicians pass bills to tackle this (subjuntivo).

Legislation should be introduced to…

This can only be dealt with if the government…

The first step to be taken is…

To alleviate this issue, people ought to…

To overcome this problem…

It would be a grave error to…

Otras formas de decir “I think”

Personally, there is no doubt in my mind that…

As I see it and to sum up, one of the drawbacks of using mobile phones is…

As far as I am concerned…

For my part, I am convinced that…

Formas más avanzadas de decir…

Very: really, truly, utterly, completely, virtually, entirely, wholly.

A bit: slightly, rather, quite, fairly.

Important: determining, paramount, decisive, overriding, essential, key, significant.

Problem: issue, matter, concern, question.

Situation: scenario, outlook.

Solve: fix, give a solution, give an answer, aid, heal.

🎯  La diferencia entre el 9 y el 10: frases hechas, ejemplos originales y “not only”.

📞  Si quieres más apuntes, contáctame para clases.


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 1.05.37 PM.png

FCE/CAE essay


🔢  Extensión: FCE 140-190, CAE 220-260, CPE 280-320

👥  Registro: informal (ojo, depende de la publicación)

✏️  Enfoque: personal

💯  Truco: tono ameno y muchas frases hechas


Introduction: captamos al lector y referenciamos las preguntas del enunciado

– Apertura pegadiza: close your eyes for a second and picture that very treasured moment that is the first day of holidays: no alarm clocks, obligations, small talk…

– Parafrasea lo que te preguntan: plenty of unusual destinations offer this, and St. Albans is one I had the great pleasure of visiting last year. Relating to this, such locations’ lack of crowds usually equate to restful holidays.

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

Introduce el tema y contesta las preguntas con datos interesantes, ejemplos e incluso experiencias personales: having read a number of reviews about its peaceful ambiance, my husband and I anticipated a pleasing experience in the Southern English village of St. Albans – a considerable understatement, as we later learned. No sooner did we arrive in a sunny July evening than we were welcomed by a picture-postcard setting. Can you imagine?

– Contesta a las preguntas: after those utterly memorable days I was reminded of how superb an option unconventional places make: moderate costs, full availability of tours, no or few queues and best of all: serenity. Popular though big capital cities are, even the most parochial must admit that opting out of them is especially worthwhile when travelling with your children or significant other because of the lack of crowds. On a personal note, I feel that avoiding multitudes ultimately leads to a more satisfying experience which would otherwise be defined by noise pollution, damage of the environment and above all, an oppressive atmosphere.

Conclusion: nos posicionamos en el asunto, repetimos brevemente lo dicho y cerramos de forma positiva y entretenida

– Repite brevemente tu opinión y tus preguntas: all in all, I am sure most readers will agree that choosing less commonplace holiday destinations results in a tranquil, more inexpensive and priceless stay, which I for one highly recommend hands down. Plus, we will always have Paris, won’t we?

Ejemplos al final de la entrada.


No pain, no gain, right? There’s no denying that taking risks cna either be worth it or backfire, but when your ambition is bigger than your fear odds are you’ll get your way.

The metro or the bus? Do I want to save time or money? There seems to be little middle ground when it comes to deciding which means of transport is the best.

Hardly a week goes by without another article of a superstar being praised for adopting a puppy or visiting a hospitalised child – but stop to think for a moment of the many personalities who actually do great things for our country. Rafael Nadal, for instance, has…

To begin with, I’m sure most readers will agree with me when I say that chasing your dreams is a surefire way to create your desired future. In my own case…

First off, even the most parochial must admit that renting electrical bikes is likely to walk away with first prize: they’re affordable, get you to your destinations at the drop of a hat and who doesn’t want to get a little exercise and preserve nature all the while?

In short, I needn’t run my mouth any longer: bycicle rental is to me the best way to get around. Not only are they extremely convenient, but also environmentally and exercise-friendly. Bike on!

Be it as it may, after this and other dicey experiences I’ve come to realise that if thoughtful, risks are ultimately really positive.

Dirígete al lector, inclúyele

I’m sure most readers will agree with me when I say: Estoy segura de que los lectores…

I bet most of us… Apuesto a que muchos de nosotros…

Wouldn’t you like to…? ¿No te gustaría…?

Even the most parochial must admit that… Incluso el más paleto debe admitir que…

Usa un tono familiar

Let’s not kid ourselves: no nos engañemos.

Let’s not forget what’s at stake here: no olvidemos lo que está en juego.

Critics of vaccines can stop issuing their gloomy statements: los críticos de las vacunas ya pueden dejar los prejuicios a un lado.

🎯  La diferencia entre el 9 y el 10: frases hechas, ejemplos originales y “not only”.

☎️  Si quieres más apuntes, contáctame para clases.



Proficiency essay about holidaying in peaceful places



🔢  Extensión: FCE 140-190, CAE 220-260, CPE 280-320

👥  Registro: semiformal

✏️  Enfoque: personal

💯  Truco: tono ameno y muchos adjetivos

⚠️  Para reviews que no sean de pelis, véase el final de la entrada


Introduction: captamos al lector y referenciamos las preguntas del enunciado

– Apertura pegadiza: a Nora Ephron production is not just a film. It’s a cream-toned, cashmere-swaddled universe unto itself.

– Parafrasea lo que te preguntan: ‘Bewitched’ turns brilliantly on its witty script and I’d recommend it to comedy fans in particular because the performances and lines are nothing short of fantastic.

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

– Describe brevemente el argumento: set in a 2000s Los Angeles, Nicole Kidman portrays Isabelle, a lovably awkward witch who falls for Jack, a hilariously self-centered actor played by Will Ferrell.

– Contesta a las preguntas: what makes ‘Bewitched’ so endurable is that the premise is highly original and the performances, beyond outstanding. As for why romantic comedies cheer us up, I believe that the characters usually represent versions of what we viewers would like to be — they’re optimistic and fearless, so good things happen to them and we like to imagine ourselves in their shoes.

Conclusion: repetimos lo que hemos contestado sobre la peli, libro… y recomendamos o no

– Repite brevemente tu opinión y tus preguntas: in essence, the fabulous comedic production that is ‘Bewitched’ didn’t disappoint me in the slightest: a razor-sharp screenplay, hysterical performances served by Ferrell and Kidman and a spot-on soundtrack which comedy fans will particularly appreciate.

– Recomendación (o no): I hands down recommend this movie to anyone looking to have a good laugh. Not only does it make for popcorn fun, but it’s also very stirring… keep your tissues out!

Ejemplos: ‘Modern Family’‘Sisters’.


Leonardo DiCaprio is just like fine wine: never-failing and better with time. His latest hit ‘The Revenant’ is making its way to top-tier Leo: mind-blowing performance, compelling screenplay and a truly memorable soundtrack.

The popularity of ‘Veep’ is not hard to fathom. Nor is the almost hysterical reaction of critics, who after five consecutive Emmy wins for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and two for the show, have begun to hail it as the all-time best political comedy.

Adapted from ‘The Price of Salt,’ this fierce Oscar contender is set on a 50s Manhattan were love between two women still dared not speak its name.

Set in 1989’s New York, ‘Joy’ paints the picture of an inspired America and tells the story of a young lady whose leading creativity held a bright future.

In essence, I believe that ‘Friends’ taking television by storm was to be expected: its innovative format, jaw-droppingly hysterical screenplay and award-winning cast proved able to make it a timeless comedic reference. I absolutely recommend it, especially to young adults who were born in the 90s.

Be it as it may, ‘La La Land’ is no doubt tracing the steps to become one the biggest musicals in film history. I highly recommend a watch, particularly to young dreamers who aspire to become artists. Plus, it’s great popcorn enjoyment!

Descripción de la obra

Hysterical comedy, tear-jerking drama, educational documentary, gracefully handled musical.

Descripción de los elementos

Mind-blowing performances: actuaciones increíbles.

Lifelike plot: argumento muy real.

Heartrending story: historia desgarradora.

Compelling screenplay: guion cautivador.

Exquisite costume design: vestuario exquisito.

Spot-on characterization: caracterización clavada.

Truthful depiction of … representación muy auténtica de…

Moving soundtrack: banda sonora emotiva.

Mesmerizing acting: actuación cautivadora. 

Stereotypical idiolects: idiolectos estereotípicos.

Sluggish scenes: escenas lentas.

Predictable ending: final precedible.

Reviews de otros temas: restaurantes, aplicaciones…


Introduction: captamos al lector con una pregunta retórica y referenciamos las preguntas del enunciado

– Pregunta retórica: Are you the kind of person who likes their meals light and tasty? Then, I forbid you to miss Habanera, a Cuban restaurant right in the heart of Madrid.

– Parafrasea lo que te preguntan: Not only does it offer superb healthy food choices —take heart, fitness maniacs— but it features a live show every Saturday night which kids will certainly tweet about. Er… enjoy.

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

– Describe brevemente el argumento: Located just a mere two metres away from the Wax Museum, Habanera opened its doors to the Spanish public only a decade ago. Nonetheless, that suffices when visionary marketers and masterful cooks join forces to offer us foodies such a delightful eatery. 

– Contesta a las preguntas: As modern as Habanera might seem from the outside, though, its deliciously classy interior decor will make your Pinterest ‘Home Ideas’ board come to life: wooden sinks, real palms, perfectly dimmed lights, ‘the’ background music… The atmosphere gives off a fabulous vibe — it’s as if Nancy Meyers herself had been tapped to deign it. On top of that, the food is nothing short of excellent: all of their ingredients always fresh, the main courses range from tasty scallops cooked in a cassolette of coley with mussels to delicious swordfish accompanied by a light relish consisting of corn salad and pecan walnuts. My friends and I had the latter, on a personal note, and everyone agreed it was ambrosial.

Conclusion: repetimos lo que hemos contestado sobre la peli, libro… y recomendamos o no

– Repite brevemente tu opinión y tus preguntas: In short, the enormous variety and wide choice of healthy meals is making Habanera everybody’s favourite hangout.

– Recomendación (o no): I hands down recommend this chic restaurant to those watching their health, and of course to families and lovebirds who want to pleasantly surprise your significant others!

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.11.23 PM

Proficiency restaurant review


👉🏼  La diferencia entre el 9 y el 10: muchos adjetivos, análisis original y pasivas.

👋🏼  Encuentra docenas de reviews aquí y si quieres más apuntes, contáctame para clases.


En esta página te enseño a hacer writings de 10 y trucos al grano para abordar cada parte. Mi método está basado y centrado al 100 % en las exigencias de Cambridge, y es el resultado del estudio y aplicación intensiva de esta destreza en los niveles FCE, CAE y CPE. En otras palabras, no nos desviamos nada de lo que piden y nos anticipamos a todas las frases hechas y trucos para tardar menos en escribir. Quienes lo han utilizado han conseguido la máxima puntuación. Despliega la pestaña y verás cada tipo de texto.

Estos son los cuatro criterios que Cambridge evalúa al corregir:

  • Content: contestar a la pregunta.
  • Communicative achievement: utilizar el registro apropiado (lector y estilo).
  • Language: utilizar vocabulario y gramática potente, como subjuntivo o fronting.
  • Organisation and cohesion: la buena división de los párrafos.

A continuación puedes descargar los criterios de evaluación de writing y speaking de los tres exámenes de Cambridge:

Criterios oficiales de B2 (First):





Criterios oficiales de C1 (Advanced):





Criterios oficiales de C2 (Proficiency):





Prácticamente la totalidad de las frases que aparecen como ejemplo provienen de mi propia imaginación al completar los escritos. No obstante, hay algunas que consideré perfectas con el objeto de comentarlas y explicar por qué es adecuado utilizarlas en cada tipo de texto. Esto está legalmente permitido por la siguiente sección del Acta de Copyright:

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”




Todo el material que necesitas para sacar la mejor nota en tu writing de Cambridge.

En esta misma pestaña, que tiene una bandera de UK, puedes desplegar:

  • Introducción de los criterios de corrección del writing.
  • Trucos para el examen.
  • Guion para el speaking.
  • Writings que han hecho alumnos míos.
  • Todos los tipos de texto explicados por partes con las claves para el 10 y un ejemplo.





Anna Darrah talks about her upcoming book ‘How To Raise Your Kids Through Film,’ being president of the Santa Fe Network, and teaching millennials.

And 10 other fun facts including flashmobs and Meryl Streep


Anna Darrah, filmmaker, author and teacher 

By Patricia de Pastors

8: 45 AM EST 6/27/17

Anna Darrah has her finger in quite a few pies: she is the President of Santa Fe Network, co-director of the Love and Relationship Online Film Festival, author of the upcoming book ‘How To Raise Your Kids Through Film,’ creator of the film company Film Nest Studios, maker of The Helen Movie, teacher at Santa Fe University of Arts and Design and of workshops on distribution, and private consultant for filmmakers’ distribution strategies.

This story appears on the WordPress site and Facebook page “Inglés de Cine.”

For those of you who don’t know her, I’d say Anna is the white, blonde and blue-eyed version of Michelle Obama – energetic, kind and a fierce promoter of equality and opportunity. Not that I know her that much, either, only since January 2017 as my teacher of Business of TV, Film and Emergent Media at Santa Fe University. From packages and battle films to copyrighting and budgeting, the Spring Semester class was unanimously deemed useful and enjoyable to no end.

Currently working in Santa Fe, Anna chats with me about the world of film, her varied trajectory, and answers some fire-rapid questions including ‘SNL,’ flashmobs and her favorite movie lines.


Santa Fe Network: Real. Different. Stories.

Patricia de Pastors: Hi, Anna. Great to talk with you. ‘Things are changing way too fast to be complacent,” you rightfully write in your website. How has this approach prompted you to take part in your initiatives and what would you want young people to make of that thinking?

Anna Darrah: Well, I think this is an amazing time to be a filmmaker because no matter what kind of film you’re creating, regardless of the length, genre, or even quality of the film, you have options for how to get it out to an appreciative audience. That’s brand new. Every day there are new ways, fresh approaches, outside the box thinking and the technology to launch into new spheres of influence that can be used to get eyeballs on what you’re creating. So if we sit around consuming only, leaving the creating to someone else, then we’re missing out on expressing our own unique voices through our art. And in my opinion, it’s that personal artistic expression that makes life worth living. So my advice would be to get off the couch, put your device down and dream up your next project! Go get a coffee with a talented friend and bounce ideas off each other. Draw some story boards, write some dialog. Dive in!

PP: Tell us a bit about ‘How To Raise Your Kids Through Film.’ Were you yourself a kid raised through it?

AD: I was not intentionally raised through film, though I was deeply influenced by the media I saw as a kid. Watching Dracula haunted me and gave me my own personal boogie-man from a very young age (it terrified me and I was too young to see it when I did!). Disney became my nemesis. I wanted to sit with my brothers and watch the weekly Disney TV movie every Sunday evening, but the story lines upset me too much, and I was banned from watching with the family! At the same time, Star Wars, ET and Somewhere in Time fed my imagination and thrilled me about what was possible to convey through the medium of film.

When my own daughter was 6 years old, I began working in film acquisitions, watching up to a thousand movies a year. So I began thinking very carefully about what she was seeing and what the influence of media might be on her depending on what she was watching. I slowly realized that if we had the right conversation, creating context around what we were watching, that she could process the images and stories beautifully. Over time, that conversation grew and built on itself so that by the time she was in high school (running a little movie club out of our living room) she was using media to think, to dive deeper into our collective consciousness and explore who we’ve been and where we are going. I became so inspired that I had to write a book about it.

PP: ‘The Helen Movie,’ arguably a cross between ‘Up’ (2009) and ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ (1995) sounds like a very personal project. Telling the fascinating journey of a life that included trips worldwide, working for National Geographic, finding a partner in Frank Schreider at first sight and even appearing on the Today Show, Helen’s story is now for us to binge watch. How did you come to know Helen in the first place and what aspects of her life did you want to include as the most inspiring?

AD: I met Helen through a mutual friend about 10 years ago. I went to her house, which was so magical, filled with her bright beautiful paintings and artifacts, textiles and books from around the world. She was the most charming human being I’d ever met, so kind and inviting, and filled with stories of adventure beyond anything I could imagine. She’d tell of meeting Princes and Queens, Heads of State and head hunters, pirates, giant snakes, and Amazonian rapids in a hand built boat. Incredible stories, all true, and all backed up with film footage, photographs and 60 page National Geographic articles. I was swept away. Within a few years I was working with her to tell her story.

The way in which that story will be told continues to shift. But I have faith that it will blossom into something wonderful and be as inspiring to younger generations as it has been to me. Helen is now 91, still going strong, though she isn’t painting as much these days. But the stories keep flowing. What a life she has had!

PP: How do you think women like Helen change the game for others and why may that be particularly relevant today?

AD: Helen was amazing because she had the courage to do what she wanted at a time when the world expected something very different from her. She was on the show “What’s My Line,” where they try to stump the panel of judges who guess what your line of work is. No one could possibly guess that Helen was an explorer- it was the 1950’s and she looked like a normal American woman, who would’ve been a house wife and mother by her mid 20s. But Helen took a different path, and had the strength to be a public persona even though she was going against the grain. There’s a lot to be inspired by there, and especially today a lot to emulate.

PP: You told Santa Fe New Mexican that the goal for Santa Fe Network is to “provide a missing link [by supporting] above-the-line talent [in New Mexico, as opposed to] studio productions from Hollywood.” Do you guys select the content being submitted in any way? And how major is the role of distribution in the process?

AD: We are getting the word out to all the writers, directors, producers and actors living in New Mexico, or who have filmed in New Mexico, to submit their work to the Santa Fe Network. As work comes in, we are curating the SFN to reflect the highest level of quality available. We want the world to see the incredible talent living in this place, and the beautiful films being made here. So the idea is that we’re putting films up on the Network as a way to bring eyeballs to those projects; it’s an opportunity to find a whole new audience, which is distribution by definition.

PP: Can you walk us briefly through your journey with your film company Film Nest Studios?

AD: I was offered a small film project for Zillow and wanted to assemble the best possible team I could find to get it done. I asked Jilann Spitzmiller, a brilliant documentary filmmaker, if she would be willing to help me. She agreed and suggested that we work with Alessandra Dobrin Khalsa for the post production. Alessandra is an incredibly talented editor who worked in television in NYC for 10 years before coming home to Santa Fe. And the rest is history… the three of us just found something magical together, the relationship we always dreamed of around work, creativity, friendship and a supportive community. We’re so excited to be working together within our new company, Film Nest Studios. You can see the Zillow pieces we made here and here.

PP: What do you like the most about teaching? (Besides bringing A-list dog Squash!)

AD: I loved getting to know the students. With 33 people in the class, I was pretty overwhelmed at first, and couldn’t believe that I’d actually get to know and love every single one of them, but I did! Every person in that class has talent, drive, curiosity and passion for filmmaking. It was an honor to teach them what I know about the business of the film industry. After so many years running around festivals and markets, networking with distributors, producer’s reps and sales agents, it was a joy to share what I learned with my students. I really want to empower young filmmakers with the basics of distribution and contract negotiation because I know what a difference it can make in the life of a film (and the life of a filmmaker) when you’re coming from a place of knowledge and confidence.

To wrap up the interview, I ask her some fire-rapid questions:

1. Where would you do an epic flashmob and to what song? Bowie’s ‘Oh! You Pretty Things,’ in front of SFUAD!

2. What is your favorite movie line? “You’ve got me, but who’s got YOU?” Lois Lane to Superman as he grabs her and flies through the air.

3. How I like my coffee: From an Aero Press, with honey and some coconut cream.

4. Two shows I can binge watch like there’s no tomorrow: Madam Secretary, The Good Wife.

5. Who inspires you the most in the industry? Ava DuVernay, Lynn Shelton, Lake Bell, Brit Marling, Mike Cahill, Tina Fey, Amy Pohler…. The entire cast and crew of Arrested Development.

6. Your signature dish? Paleo pumpkin-chocolate chip breakfast cookies.

7. Top picks for this year’s Emmys: Shameless (for everything) and Downward Dog (Comedy, Writing, Acting.)

8. Favorite ‘SNL’ character ever and from this season? Roseann Rosannadanna (Gilda Radner) and hands down Kate McKinnon- she’s rocking it!

9. The one Meryl Streep character I’m most like: [Jane Adler] from ‘It’s Complicated.’

10. The best part about my job(s): How much I love doing what I’m doing every day. And production- my favorite thing is to be shooting (directing)- seeing the world that we’re creating through the camera’s lens.

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