🔢  Extensión: FCE 140-190, CAE 220-260, CPE 280-320

👥  Registro: informal (ojo, depende de la publicación)

✏️  Enfoque: personal

💯  Truco: tono ameno y muchas frases hechas



Introduction: captamos al lector y referenciamos las preguntas del enunciado

– Apertura pegadiza: close your eyes for a second and picture that very treasured moment that is the first day of holidays: no alarm clocks, obligations, small talk…

– Parafrasea lo que te preguntan: plenty of unusual destinations offer this, and St. Albans is one I had the great pleasure of visiting last year. Relating to this, such locations’ lack of crowds usually equate to restful holidays.


Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

– Introduce el tema y contesta las preguntas con datos interesantes, ejemplos e incluso experiencias personales: having read a number of reviews about its peaceful ambiance, my husband and I anticipated a pleasing experience in the Southern English village of St. Albans – a considerable understatement, as we later learned. No sooner did we arrive in a sunny July evening than we were welcomed by a picture-postcard setting. Can you imagine?

– Contesta a las preguntas: after those utterly memorable days I was reminded of how superb an option unconventional places make: moderate costs, full availability of tours, no or few queues and best of all: serenity. Popular though big capital cities are, even the most parochial must admit that opting out of them is especially worthwhile when travelling with your children or significant other because of the lack of crowds. On a personal note, I feel that avoiding multitudes ultimately leads to a more satisfying experience which would otherwise be defined by noise pollution, damage of the environment and above all, an oppressive atmosphere.


Conclusion: nos posicionamos en el asunto, repetimos brevemente lo dicho y cerramos de forma positiva y entretenida

– Repite brevemente tu opinión y tus preguntas: all in all, I am sure most readers will agree that choosing less commonplace holiday destinations results in a tranquil, more inexpensive and priceless stay, which I for one highly recommend hands down. Plus, we will always have Paris, won’t we?


Ejemplos al final de la entrada.


No pain, no gain, right? There’s no denying that taking risks cna either be worth it or backfire, but when your ambition is bigger than your fear odds are you’ll get your way.

The metro or the bus? Do I want to save time or money? There seems to be little middle ground when it comes to deciding which means of transport is the best.

Hardly a week goes by without another article of a superstar being praised for adopting a puppy or visiting a hospitalised child – but stop to think for a moment of the many personalities who actually do great things for our country. Rafael Nadal, for instance, has…

To begin with, I’m sure most readers will agree with me when I say that chasing your dreams is a surefire way to create your desired future. In my own case…

First off, even the most parochial must admit that renting electrical bikes is likely to walk away with first prize: they’re affordable, get you to your destinations at the drop of a hat and who doesn’t want to get a little exercise and preserve nature all the while?

In short, I needn’t run my mouth any longer: bycicle rental is to me the best way to get around. Not only are they extremely convenient, but also environmentally and exercise-friendly. Bike on!

Be it as it may, after this and other dicey experiences I’ve come to realise that if thoughtful, risks are ultimately really positive.



Dirígete al lector, inclúyele

I’m sure most readers will agree with me when I say: Estoy segura de que los lectores…

I bet most of us… Apuesto a que muchos de nosotros…

Wouldn’t you like to…? ¿No te gustaría…?

Even the most parochial must admit that… Incluso el más paleto debe admitir que…


Usa un tono familiar

Let’s not kid ourselves: no nos engañemos.

Let’s not forget what’s at stake here: no olvidemos lo que está en juego.

Critics of vaccines can stop issuing their gloomy statements: los críticos de las vacunas ya pueden dejar los prejuicios a un lado.


🎯  La diferencia entre el 9 y el 10: frases hechas, ejemplos originales y “not only”.

☎️  Si quieres más apuntes, contáctame para clases.



Proficiency essay about holidaying in peaceful places





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