🔢  Extensión: FCE 140-190, CAE 220-260, CPE 280-320

👥  Registro: semiformal

✏️  Enfoque: personal

💯  Truco: tono ameno y muchos adjetivos

⚠️  Para reviews que no sean de pelis, véase el final de la entrada


Introduction: captamos al lector y referenciamos las preguntas del enunciado

– Apertura pegadiza: a Nora Ephron production is not just a film. It’s a cream-toned, cashmere-swaddled universe unto itself.

– Parafrasea lo que te preguntan: ‘Bewitched’ turns brilliantly on its witty script and I’d recommend it to comedy fans in particular because the performances and lines are nothing short of fantastic.

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

– Describe brevemente el argumento: set in a 2000s Los Angeles, Nicole Kidman portrays Isabelle, a lovably awkward witch who falls for Jack, a hilariously self-centered actor played by Will Ferrell.

– Contesta a las preguntas: what makes ‘Bewitched’ so endurable is that the premise is highly original and the performances, beyond outstanding. As for why romantic comedies cheer us up, I believe that the characters usually represent versions of what we viewers would like to be — they’re optimistic and fearless, so good things happen to them and we like to imagine ourselves in their shoes.

Conclusion: repetimos lo que hemos contestado sobre la peli, libro… y recomendamos o no

– Repite brevemente tu opinión y tus preguntas: in essence, the fabulous comedic production that is ‘Bewitched’ didn’t disappoint me in the slightest: a razor-sharp screenplay, hysterical performances served by Ferrell and Kidman and a spot-on soundtrack which comedy fans will particularly appreciate.

– Recomendación (o no): I hands down recommend this movie to anyone looking to have a good laugh. Not only does it make for popcorn fun, but it’s also very stirring… keep your tissues out!

Ejemplos: ‘Modern Family’, ‘Sisters’.


Leonardo DiCaprio is just like fine wine: never-failing and better with time. His latest hit ‘The Revenant’ is making its way to top-tier Leo: mind-blowing performance, compelling screenplay and a truly memorable soundtrack.

The popularity of ‘Veep’ is not hard to fathom. Nor is the almost hysterical reaction of critics, who after five consecutive Emmy wins for Julia Louis-Dreyfus and two for the show, have begun to hail it as the all-time best political comedy.

Adapted from ‘The Price of Salt,’ this fierce Oscar contender is set on a 50s Manhattan were love between two women still dared not speak its name.

Set in 1989’s New York, ‘Joy’ paints the picture of an inspired America and tells the story of a young lady whose leading creativity held a bright future.

In essence, I believe that ‘Friends’ taking television by storm was to be expected: its innovative format, jaw-droppingly hysterical screenplay and award-winning cast proved able to make it a timeless comedic reference. I absolutely recommend it, especially to young adults who were born in the 90s.

Be it as it may, ‘La La Land’ is no doubt tracing the steps to become one the biggest musicals in film history. I highly recommend a watch, particularly to young dreamers who aspire to become artists. Plus, it’s great popcorn enjoyment!

Descripción de la obra

Hysterical comedy, tear-jerking drama, educational documentary, gracefully handled musical.

Descripción de los elementos

Mind-blowing performances: actuaciones increíbles.

Lifelike plot: argumento muy real.

Heartrending story: historia desgarradora.

Compelling screenplay: guion cautivador.

Exquisite costume design: vestuario exquisito.

Spot-on characterization: caracterización clavada.

Truthful depiction of … representación muy auténtica de…

Moving soundtrack: banda sonora emotiva.

Mesmerizing acting: actuación cautivadora. 

Stereotypical idiolects: idiolectos estereotípicos.

Sluggish scenes: escenas lentas.

Predictable ending: final precedible.

Reviews de otros temas: restaurantes, aplicaciones…


Introduction: captamos al lector con una pregunta retórica y referenciamos las preguntas del enunciado

– Pregunta retórica: Are you the kind of person who likes their meals light and tasty? Then, I forbid you to miss Habanera, a Cuban restaurant right in the heart of Madrid.

– Parafrasea lo que te preguntan: Not only does it offer superb healthy food choices —take heart, fitness maniacs— but it features a live show every Saturday night which kids will certainly tweet about. Er… enjoy.

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

– Describe brevemente el argumento: Located just a mere two metres away from the Wax Museum, Habanera opened its doors to the Spanish public only a decade ago. Nonetheless, that suffices when visionary marketers and masterful cooks join forces to offer us foodies such a delightful eatery. 

– Contesta a las preguntas: As modern as Habanera might seem from the outside, though, its deliciously classy interior decor will make your Pinterest ‘Home Ideas’ board come to life: wooden sinks, real palms, perfectly dimmed lights, ‘the’ background music… The atmosphere gives off a fabulous vibe — it’s as if Nancy Meyers herself had been tapped to deign it. On top of that, the food is nothing short of excellent: all of their ingredients always fresh, the main courses range from tasty scallops cooked in a cassolette of coley with mussels to delicious swordfish accompanied by a light relish consisting of corn salad and pecan walnuts. My friends and I had the latter, on a personal note, and everyone agreed it was ambrosial.

Conclusion: repetimos lo que hemos contestado sobre la peli, libro… y recomendamos o no

– Repite brevemente tu opinión y tus preguntas: In short, the enormous variety and wide choice of healthy meals is making Habanera everybody’s favourite hangout.

– Recomendación (o no): I hands down recommend this chic restaurant to those watching their health, and of course to families and lovebirds who want to pleasantly surprise your significant others!

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.11.23 PM

Proficiency restaurant review


👉🏼  La diferencia entre el 9 y el 10: muchos adjetivos, análisis original y pasivas.

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