🔢  Extensión: FCE 140-190, CAE 220-260, CPE 240-280

👥  Registro: formal

✏️  Enfoque: semipersonal

💯  Truco: expresión formal y gramática potente



Introduction: captamos al lector y referenciamos las preguntas del enunciado

– Introduce el tema: it is a universally acknowledged fact that bilingual education has become a matter of national debate.

– Parafrasea lo que te preguntan: The present text will be focused on…

– Solo en Proficiency: indica si los textos que te dan se complementarios o se contrastan. Both passages argue that… / The first text states… Whereas the second clearly puts forward that…


Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

– Contesta las preguntas con datos interesantes y ejemplos. Importantísimo utilizar linkers para cada punto: firstly, there is no denying that carpooling can help to save time, money and reduce pollution. Secondly, sanctioning factories that throw residuals to rivers or oceans is likely to be very effective. Lastly, I believe that putting limits to what tourists are allowed to do, like throwing barbecues in natural spaces, should be considered and implemented as soon as possible.

Nota: en CAE (Advanced) se desarrolla solo dos puntos (no hay ‘lastly’).

– Solo en Proficiency: resume ambos textos, aportando ideas y citando a los autores. The first passage asserts that… According to its author… Y lo mismo con el segundo texto.


Conclusion: nos posicionamos en el asunto, repetimos brevemente lo dicho y cerramos de forma positiva y entretenida

– Resume brevemente el body y da tu opinión: be it as it may, it goes without saying that pollution is a real, truly serious problem which can be tackled by carpooling, sanctioning factories and restrincting those tourists’ activities that see contact with nature.



Ejemplos al final de la entrada.



It is a universally acknowledged fact that… Some factors that can help tackle it are…

The trend towards (tema) has conspicuously increased in the past decade. This stems from…

Hardly a week goes by without another report of (tema) appearing in the media. This is attributed to…


Firslty, there is no denying that factors like __ and __ have conspicously aggravated…

Secondly, the situation has been exacerbated by..

Lastly, one measure I myself believe could help tackle the problem is…


Be it as it may, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that governments worldwide ought to look more closely at this serious issue and implement practical measures such as… Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but I truly believe it can be done.

All things considered, the prospect for the future will likely be bleak unless this challenge is met. To achieve this, I think that recycling, shopping more consciously and reusing plastic bags can really make a difference when it comes to preserving the planet.



Usa frases hechas muy avanzadas

⭐️ Were the government to sanction gun violence, the situation would most certainly improve.

Should more measures be introduced, the burden of responsibility would be alleviated.

As regards the most appropriate response to this situations, one suggestion I think would work well is…

It is exceedingly urgent that politicians pass bills to tackle this (subjuntivo).

Legislation should be introduced to…

This can only be dealt with if the government…

The first step to be taken is…

To alleviate this issue, people ought to…

To overcome this problem…

It would be a grave error to…


Otras formas de decir “I think”

Personally, there is no doubt in my mind that…

As I see it and to sum up, one of the drawbacks of using mobile phones is…

As far as I am concerned…

For my part, I am convinced that…

Formas más avanzadas de decir…

Very: really, truly, utterly, completely, virtually, entirely, wholly.

A bit: slightly, rather, quite, fairly.

Important: determining, paramount, decisive, overriding, essential, key, significant.

Problem: issue, matter, concern, question.

Situation: scenario, outlook.

Solve: fix, give a solution, give an answer, aid, heal.


🎯  La diferencia entre el 9 y el 10: frases hechas, ejemplos originales y “not only”.

📞  Si quieres más apuntes, contáctame para clases.


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FCE/CAE essay

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