·  Extensión en Cambridge: FCE 140-190 | CAE 220-260 | CPE 280-320

·  Registro: informal

·  Enfoque: personal

·  Truco: respetar el registro (informal, contracciones en todas las palabras donde se pueda)


Introduction: explicamos la intención del email y decimos lo que esperamos conseguir

– Saludo: Dear Richi,

– Motivo de la carta: It’s been ages since we last wrote to each other! I hope things are going great. Since you’re coming to LA, I thought I’d drop you a line to share some clothing and food tips that may come in handy to you. (Incluir todos los detalles que nos den del destinatario).

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido

– Contesta las preguntas y pon ejemplos. Importante utilizar linkers para cada punto:

For starters, LA being the city of the sun, some shorts and shades are a must especially if you plan to visit at the end of the summer. Tanktops, flip-flops, a swimsuit and sandals will sure be used. It rarely rains, so I wouldn’t bring umbrellas or raincoats –– but check the weather first!

Secondly, as for food, LA is not the cheapest place to eat out so I recommend getting fruit, water and sandwiches every morning in Walgreens and packing them with you for the day. If you want to try a restaurant once or twice, though, there are lots of fabulous options: Mexican, Italian, Japanese… Nobu Malibu has the best sushi in California –– I swear you won’t want to try anything else! 

Conclusion: resumen del body y cerramos de forma amigable

– Resume brevemente el body y da tu opinión: Anyway, don’t let me run my mouth. Pack your best tanktops, shorts and sunglasses and although I’d try saving when it comes to food, treat yourself to a good dinner at least once! Call me when you get this, we are going to have a blast.

– Proporciona datos de contacto por si fuera necesario: If you need more info, hit me up or write anytime!

– Despedida: Take care / See you soon / love / (Kisses and) hugs / All the best / Best wishes,

– Tu nombre: Patri

Ejemplo al final de la entrada.


Para la introducción: “he pensado escribirte para…”

⭐️ It’s been ages since we last wrote to each other. I hope things are going great. Since you’re coming to LA, I thought I’d drop you a line: hace mil años que no nos escribimos. Espero que todo vaya genial. Ya que vienes a LA, se me ha ocurrido escribirte para…

And I said to myself: “go write her an e-mail!”. Y me he dicho: “escríbele un correo!”.

Para el body: preguntas retóricas

“For starters” en vez de “first of all” y “as for…” en vez de “secondly”.

⭐️ Sorry to hear your flight was cancelled –– what a bummer! Qué faena!

⭐️ I won two tickets to Hamilton –– can you believe it?

Treat yourself to a good massage in that spa –– I swear it’s worth the money!

Don’t miss Rockefeller Center in New York City –– you won’t want to leave the building.

Para la despedida: tono amigable y estamos aquí por si necesitan algo más

⭐️ Anyway, don’t let me run my mouth: bueno, no me enrollo más.

⭐️ If you need more info, hit me up or write anytime! ¡Llámame o escribe cuando quieras!

🎯  La diferencia entre el 9 y el 10: preguntas retóricas, elementos informales, “If I were you…”

📞  Si quieres más apuntes, contáctame.

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CAE letter to a friend