Naturally hysterical, refreshingly herself and the best comedic actress to ever live (numerical fact), the 56-year-old New Yorker who rised eyebrows as a youngster on Saturday Night Live and disarmed America as Elaine on Seinfeld, found potty-mouthed President Selina Meyer (Veep) “the role of a lifetime.”

I have only watched Veep, of all her work. Her name didn’t even ring a bell (I’m not American, okay?) until last year, when I watched her episode submission come Emmys time. Well, if you have seen “Mimaw” (S5 E4), you may agree it’s like having first watched Meryl in Kramer vs. Kramer. The natural comedic versatility astounded me because you can’t see the acting. If you haven’t watched (my HBO password is P*********), the episode juxtaposes President Meyer losing her mother… and the state of Nevada, which she needs to win the election. She couldn’t care less about her and is told about the Nevada loss, which implies the popular vote loss as well and hilariously/upsettingly breaks down. It’s comedy genius.

I was so moved today to see the whole of America wish her well because besides talented, she’s known to be a team player, down-to-earth and a girl’s girl. However, even more moving was the fact that she used her ––please, temporary–– darkness to shine a light on other women who have lost the battle to breast cancer and the need for universal healthcare. That’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a self-described “American patriot.”

Thank you Julia for such sheer joy. There are snarky Tinas, witty Amys, strong Melissas and versatile Kates, but laughter inhabits you and you have shared your gift to enthusiastically brighten up millions’ lives. That’s matchless, and you’ll make Emmy history again next year as the first actor to ever win seven consecutive trophies for the seventh and last Veep season. Unfathomable. [Edit: fucking Fleabag].


Julia made history ten days ago by winning her sixth consecutive Emmy. 6/6

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