“Empowering” is a word loosely used these days. A speech, a commercial or a poster are often described as such. But ‘Battle of the Sexes’ deserves every letter, as its masterful direction, screenplay and cast come together to depict a refreshingand possibly never more neededreal story that failed to get the coverage it deserved.


Oscar winner Emma Stone and nominee Steve Carell as Billie Jean Kind and Bobby Riggs.

Set in 1973, this riveting production starring everyone’s imaginary BFFs Emma Stone and Steve Carell as tennis giants Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs infuses their famous match with thrill, truth and a raw call for equality. It also delves into the LGBTQ reality of the 70s, which makes Billie Jean’s marriage stumble.

Sarah Silverman and Alan Cumming are a casting delight as King’s manager and stylist, bringing the humanity this actually-disheartening story needs. Costume, characterization and production design all hit the nail on the head, but it’s Simon Beaufoy’s script that truly shines: besides treating the real facts with respect, rigour, passion, vindication and an attractive dose of sassiness rightfully warms hearts and ignites spirits. And we saw that Billie for President sign at the end (the picture was shot before the election).

Emma Stone and Steve Carell give career-defining performances, in an unpredictable yet wished for turn, both receiving Globes and SAG nods. She’s authentic, vulnerable yet strong, caring yet firm and he brings the Carell inherent charm, acting like a hilarious, unfair and all-for-show mysoginist that our inner selves can’t help but love so much because it’s Steve Carell.


The originals.

Will it make it to the Academy? Stone could pull a Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give and rig in a Lead Actress nomination. It’s Queen Meryl’s year, though, so nothing needs to be said. Odds aside, I couldn’t recommend highly enough this poignant and all-important story that seems so overwhelmingly empowering today. Personally, my favorite this year. This being said and quoting Laur Dern, may it all continue.

Genre: Sports dramedy.

Original release: September 22, 2017.

Country: United States.

Awards: 2 Golden Globe and 1 SAG nominations.

Grade: A+

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