Roberts and Tremblay is as superb a combination as it looks. ‘Wonder’ is the feel-good movie of 2017: touching, fun and educational for everyone. A plea to #ChooseKind in the face of the battle everyone goes through daily.


Nate (Wilson), Auggie (Tremblay), Olivia (Vidovic) and Isabel (Roberts)

Set in 2017, ‘Wonder’ shines a light on the unusual and apparently doomed life of a kid named Auggust Pullman (young prodigy Jacob Tremblay, Room). His disease, Treacher Collins Syndrome, which saw him be born with a facial distortion, causes apathetic children to turn their backs on him as he joins school for the first time. His parents Isabel and Nate (Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson) have, most understandably, always been focused on him at his sister Olivia’s expense.

The first half of the movie delves into Auggie’s adaptation to his new environment. Against all the odds, he makes a new friend who ends up being a doubtful one, and in the process learns more about resilience than any other juvenile might ever do. The second half smartly goes through a series of flashbacks that show why some of those doubtful individuals in his atmosphere behave the way they do.


An insecure Auggie struggles to fit in at school

‘Wonder’ is the thoughtful, tear-jerking film we knew we needed at the end of such a year. The acting mesmerizes, especially Roberts’ and Tremblay’s and the script is an uncorny reminder of how long a way being kind goes. A completely recommendable watch, to children and teens above all.

Genre: Family drama.

Original release: November 16, 2017.

Country: United States.

Awards: 2 Golden Globe and 1 SAG nominations.

Grade: B

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