Raw, dark, human nature at its most natural. Whether it wins big or not (and much to  us ‘The Post’ fans’ disappointment, it might) Martin McDonagh’s latest hit has undoubtedly seduced both critics and moviegoers.

Set in the southern city of Ebbing, Missouri, this visceral punch in the gut sees McDormand as a weatherbeaten, toughest among tough woman who has lost her daughter to rape. Infuriated as the passive Police unit only lets time pass, she rents three billboards demanding to know why and as sadly expected, she only causes stirring among neighbors.


Oscar winner Frances McDormand (Mildred Hayes) and the three controversial billboards

McDormand is stellar as Mildred Hayes, conveying the sheer pain such an event causes, especially when played out so absolutely publicly. She’s not the only one to receive a Globe, though, as her “favorite cowboys” Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson were also awarded and nominated respectively.


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