🔢  Extensión: FCE 140-190, CAE 220-260, CPE 280-320

👥  Registro: formal

✏  Enfoque: semipersonal

💯  Truco: expresión formal y gramática potente


Introduction:  expresamos el objetivo del informe incluyendo los datos que nos piden.

The aim of this report is to explain both the causes of my department staff’s complaints and what they feel could be done to improve the current situation.

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido, dividiéndolas en apartados con puntos. Importante: redactado también se acepta, pero es un distintivo de su registro así que mejor ponerlos.

Personnel’s grievances

• Stationery material is not fully covered: despite this being a publicity agency, staff can only print black and white documents. Thereby, should someone need to print, photocopy or scan a full colour image, they will need to pay for it themselves.

• Excessive heat: the air conditioning has been out of order for two months, which not only makes workers tire faster, but also the atmosphere more tense in turn.

Proposed solutions

• Perceive higher salaries and be paid for extra hours. Most workers having little children to care for and whose expenses they have to cover, they find it outrageous that their wage is conspicuously scant and many hours they work are not remunerated, either.

• Fixing the air conditioner and installing vended water machines: as they reported, it should be essential that the former unit be repaired as soon as possible in order to favour a pleasant office ambiance.

Conclusion: decimos que esperamos haber respondido bien al informe y que este sirva para 

Hoping this report satisfies your request, may these suggestions benefit both the company and its employees.

Ejemplos al final de la entrada.

Ver en PDF: Report de CAE (Nov 23, 2018)

Ver en PDF: Report de Proficiency (Sept 19, 2018)


Proficiency report

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