🔢  Extensión: FCE 140-190, CAE 220-260, CPE 280-320

👥  Registro: formal

✏  Enfoque: personal

💯  Truco: expresión formal, persuasión y gramática potente


Introduction:  expresamos el objetivo de la propuesta incluyendo los datos que nos piden.

The aim of this proposal is to detail the changes our marketing staff would like to see made in the printing department.

Body: explicamos las cosas que nos han pedido, dividiéndolas en apartados con puntos. Redactado también se acepta, pero es un distintivo de su registro así que mejor ponerlos.

Repair or replace the failing printers

In their view, not only is it vital that all machines be fully operative, but they also wish they had better equipment to complement those. That is, proper editing programmes and  Apple watches that may enable them to call and keep up with updates when out of their seat. 

Proper coffee break

However obvious, any company worth their salt ought to allow its employees to rest, chat and unwind even for ten minutes. That way, their willingness to work hard will be reinforced and they will be less likely to feel the burden of working long hours.

Longer holiday periods

Necessary though it is, employees are not always granted the amount of days off they make so much effort to earn. Hence their asking that the board change their holidays policy.

Conclusion: decimos que esperamos haber respondido bien al informe y que este sirva para 

Hoping this proposal satisfies your request, may these suggestions benefit the whole department with a view to making their labour more effective and them, happier at work.

Ejemplos al final de la entrada.