Email to a friend in which you review and recommend a TV show.


Hi James,

It’s been ages since we last wrote to each other! I hope things are going great. Since you’re asking me about Modern Family, I thought I’d drop you a line to recommend the show and say what the best thing about it is.

Firstly, I want to explain how this show works. Modern Family is a completly new TV format because it has two “faces,” so to speak: the first is like all the series’, but the other one is that the characters speak to the camera like in a confession.

You should see the episode when Phil tries to gain Access to a golf club where Jay is the “king.” In this club, it is difficult to be a member because you need the invitation of one other member and your membership has to be approved by the executive committee. In this case, Phil manages to be a member, and Jay is tense because he thinks his friends won’t find Phil funny.

Anyway, don’t let me run my mouth. I highly recommend this episode, and urge you to watch all of them because I’m really sure that you’ll like the show.

If you need more information, call me.

Best wishes,



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