Proficiency review about English learning.

Learning English in school or outside school? I bet some of us will opt for the latter. Not only does it give you the opportunity to learn more varied language skills, but also new cultures and ways of thinking.

Obvious though as it may seem, there are many ways in which students can establish relationships with English-language speakers. Not only can students study abroad in an English-speaking country for a year or two, but they can also spend their holidays in a summer English camp. Living with international students from all over the world for a certain period of time can be a truly fruitful experience. On those occasions, students can easily become friends with English speakers and indeed, greatly and rapidly improve their language skills.

Learning a language has never been something easy, has it? English lessons at school can sometimes be deemed boring as the level is not high enough. Therefore, English lessons –be they private or not– can also be taken outside school. These can be utterly beneficial and truly contribute to the language skills’ improvement. Nevertheless, this contribution is quite limited as language skills such as speaking and listening are not taught in depth. Hence my considering that going to study abroad and making English friends as a much more complete and fulfilling way of studying another language. Not only can your accent and pronunciation become better, but you can also learn about many people who differ from you in a myriad of ways.

All in all, I am sure most readers will agree with me that learning a language is something that requires time and a big effort. Moreover, as I personally experienced, being motivated with the language and having good relationships with English speakers can enormously benefit any language improvement.


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