Proficiency essay about the influence of the cinema.


It is universally acknowledged fact that the cinema has a clear influence in our society these days. While the first passage argues how powerful and magical cinema can be, the second text focuses on the fact that the cinema is not as outstanding as it used to be anymore.

The first passage asserts that watching a movie is one of the best ways to easily evade from someone’s daily, stressful routine. Not only does the cinema provide the opportunity to transport yourself somewhere else, but it can also unavoidably influence your way of acting or thinking. In using it such an innovative technology, this type of art possesses a superb magical power. Personally, I love watching movies every Sunday night with my family and could not certainly describe the cinema with better words.

The second text focuses on the fact that the cinema’s quality has enormously been deteriorated in the last days. According to the author of this text, surprising though as it may seem, a wide variety of movies are not worthwhile anymore. Indeed, today´s film producers would rather have an important economic benefit than make a good movie. For my part, even though I am convinced that profit plays a crucial role here, superb films are still played on the cinemas.

Be as it may, it goes without saying that the cinema plays a significant role currently upon it being an effective manner of evading from work or university. However, it is undeniable that cinema work can sometimes be deemed quite a poor art piece.


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