EOI C1 essay.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that the crisis around the Catalan question has always been a matter of heated debate throughoutdin the Spain’s history. There seems to be no need to doubt that it is one of the most relevant issues for the Government nowadays. This essay will be focused on explaining the essential reasons for this.

First of all, it is necessary that we be aware that the recent court ruling by the Supreme Court against the incidents that took place in 2017 has stirred the anger of quite a few Catalan citizens. In addition, the independenceindependent parties have required that accused the set free to the Catalan’spoliticians condemnedbe set free

Secondly, it goes without saying that we are witnesses of to a dramatic,violentcesituation around Catalonia, specifically in Barcelona. The initialspeaceful independence demonstrations,have ended up in/turned intoa fight between the Police againstand the radicals. Until this momentAs of now, the balance of this street war is close to 200 wounded and 18 people arrested.

Lastly, I would like to put forward,to finish with this issue, a real constitutional modification of the Spanish’s Constitution. This legislative technical could be able take place allow a possible referendum to take place. Complicated though this measure is, maintain for this conflict to continue is more dangerous. Not only for the Government and politicians, but also,undoubtedly,is forthe citizens.

Be it as it may, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that the Spanish’sConstitution is founded on the principle of the respect of the law. John .F. Kennedy said: “Oonce upon a time,that the citizens are free to disagree with the law,but not to disobey it. For in a Government of law, no man is entitled to defy a court of law.


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Preguntas frecuentes respecto al examen (esta lista se actualizará con nuevas preguntas que salgan en clase):

  • ¿Qué diferencia hay entre report y proposal? El report tiene como objetivo informar sobre un tema y hacer recomendaciones si se piden, y la proposal busca persuadir a quien lo lee para que tome una decisión respecto a algo. Ambos son formales y tienen encabezado. Se recomienda ordenar, dentro de cada encabezado, los argumentos con puntos (bullet points).
  • ¿Qué diferencia hay entre policy, politics y politician? Policy es una política de actuación; politics, la disciplina comunicativa y politician, la figura del profesional de dicho campo.
  • ¿En qué textos puedo poner contracciones (por ejemplo: don’t, aren’t)? En los informales. Es decir todos aquellos escritos a un destinatario familiar: letter to a friend, review y article de revista.


Loudly human. Unabashedly honest. Oscar-nominated. Bradley Cooper pulls a Sean Penn and enters the film-makers-to-watch club with a directorial debut that hasn’t left either critics or movie-goers indifferent.


Off the deep end, figuratively

Enough to sell the ticket, the also-screenwriter found his star out of, at least and as we are #blessed to now know, 100 people in the room: Lady Gaga. And aren’t we glad. The children of Italian immigrants create magic in this musical drama, the kind we keep rewatching Gladiator or Mamma Mia to relive. Although some would argue that the first half of the movie is its strongest, tension and relatability abound throughout.

The fourth remake of A Star Is Born (of the original 1937 film, after the 1954 musical, the 1976 rock musical and the 2013 Bollywood romance film) follows Ally and Jackson Maine’s romance, which whirlwinds its way into a garage (spoiler, kinda). She, an upright young woman fiercer than she feels. He, a burned out rockstar with more drinks around than he needs. After meeting at a fortunate drag-filled event, where she unknowingly delights him to his core, they fall for each other. The rest is history, but a tumultuous one.

The acting is magnificent. If anyone still needed proof of what a gigantic talent Gaga is, refer to this film. If you had seen her steal the show at the Oscars in 2015 and specially in 2016, you get it. Their performance of Shallow, in particular, gives you the kind of feeling you get when kissing someone or smashing your running record. It’s freedom, passion, feeling, triumph. Can’t wait to see them kill at the Oscars.

Likewise, the writing and directing is fluent and smart. Cooper has already earned the Director Award from the National Board of Review and although Cuarón is on track to take the gold, Bradley’s efforts will not be dismissed. Singing soulfully and with a story to tell, it’s safe to say he’s leaped over his own versatile standards. Production, sound and costume design are all on point, and lengthy though the film is, at no point do you disconnect from the story, let alone get bored. The supporting cast — Oscar nominee Sam Elliott, SNL‘s adoptive son (no pun intended) Dave Chappelle and Blue Jasmine‘s Andrew Dice Clay generously accommodate in a vehicle steered by its two smashing leads, whose ping-ponging chemistry is at the peak of its powers.


Watch as I dive in

In short, A Star Is Born has been the last slice of pizza of this crazy Oscars season and an enjoyable piece in the most rigorous sense of the word. Right, bear? x


CAE essay.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that most teenagers do not study science in university as a degree. I would like to focus on two ways of encouraging young people to study science advertising and school programmes.

Firstly, according to the author you never see positive images of young scientist on TV, just pop stars or actors. I am inclined to believe that TV or radio programmes should include documentaries or interviews of scientists, allowing / enabling people to know about their lives and studies. However obvious, not only are some of their studies truly essential for our daily life, but also these studies are a superb way to learn about our planet and how it works.

Secondly, there is no denying that during the school years there are a lot of teenagers who find science interesting, but when they finish it they do not like it any more. This issue is created because schools do not show their students how incredible it is to become a scientist. Moreover teachers teach scientists’ studies in a boring way. To overcome this problem, schools ought to make science lessons more practical and fun, thus allowing / enabling students to be part of the investigation.

Be it as it may, it is important that we motivate teenagers to be scientists by making more and better ways of adverisement of said scientists’ studies and lives. Besides, schools should encourage students by taking active classes where they can participate as if they were scientists